Last update: 1 September 2019


Kaidu Jalakas was the main leader and developer of field target in Estonia starting in 2009.
He came to love the sport and took interest in developing FT internationally.
He was a strong visionary and his focus was to unite European FT shooters.
He had a very strong team consisting of Volker Blüm and Sergio Paulo Rita,
with whom they built the EFTF in 2013 and new quality standards for FT championships were born.
The created European FT Federation gave the opportunity to hold proper FT European Championships.
2014 were held the first European FT Championship in Estonia.
Within 2020 it will be already the 7th European FT Championships held in Belgium.
It is our honor to organize the EFTC which was visionaired by Kaidu Jalakas, he is no longer among us but still not forgotten.


Is my air rifle legal in Belgium?

Belgium has no restrictions on airguns. You have to be 18 years old to own one, that’s it. The only thing is that it’s not allowed to have a silencer or moderator, whether it’s attached to your gun or just lying in your car. Exceptions: fixed shrouds, silencers or moderators are allowed.  It has to be non-removable so it can be considered part of the gun. A bit of Loctite on the thread so you can`t unscrew it by hand is enough.

18 years old? And what about junior shooters?

If you’re under 18, you can only shoot under supervision of a parent or guardian.
Make sure your rifle is registered to your parent or guardian, as you can’t legally own it yourself.


What is the address of the venue?

La Ferme du Chateau
Rue Burlin 1
6927 Grupont, Tellin

What about catering?

There will be hot food and cold drinks, at reasonable prices. Vouchers can be bought for €5 or €10. Unused (or partly unused) vouchers will not be refunded. They will stay valid for the next competitions organised by H-FT-Benelux.


Several bottles of compressed air will be available, and filling-adapters for most common brands of air rifles (Air Arms, Steyr, Daystate, …). If you have an unusual rifle, bring your own adapter.


Hotels and B&B’s?

Plenty of other accommodation options are available close by. The Rochefort area has many hotels and B&B’s. We’re sure you can find something suitable using something like or Tripadvisor.

A few examples with dates ranging from Monday 18th May – Sunday 24th May:

One Person
Two persons
One person
Two persons
One person
Two persons


For those who prefer camping, La Clusure, one of the largest camp sites in Belgium, is only 3 kms away. They also have rental tents, mobile homes and cabins (

In the area are other camping sites such as:
Camping Aux Cailloux – Rochefort

Registration and entry fees

How to register?

Due to popular demand and an overwhelming response we are now at maximum capacity. Therefore registrations are now closed.

How to pay my entry fee?

Entry costs to the event will be 150 euros for the three competition days. Please pay your entry fee to:
IBAN  BE43 6528 5583 2601

Make sure you mention ‘EFTC2020 + full name’ in the reference details.

Payments are due December 31st 2019.

Extra guest?

Extra guests are very welcome to join you before you begin your day. If they would also like to join you for the Awards dinner, we ask that you pay an extra fee to help towards the catering costs. This cost is found on the home page.

International money transfer

As we know international money transfer from the UK, and some other countries, seems to be a costly problem, foreign shooters who ran into this problem are advised to contact our treasurer ( about alternative methods of payment.

Do I need to pay in advance?

Yes. Please pay before December 31st 2019. If we haven’t received your payment by this date, please contact us regarding your position in the competition as you will no longer be able to participate!

Do I get a refund if I cancel my registration?

No. As is usual in international competitions, we will not be issuing refunds for non-attendance or cancellation.

The Competition

Will there be a chrono-test?

Yes, there will be a special “Chrono-lane”, somewhere on the course. Testing will occur during the match. You will be disqualified if you’re rifle is over 16.3 Joule (12 foot pounds).

Which set of rules will be used?

EFTC 2020 will be following the WFTF rules as defined in the document below.


WFTF – Competition Rules 2019


Where special dispensation for a rule change has been agreed by the WFTF it will be detailed below.



What classes are there to shoot in?

  • PCP Open class and Springer Open Class
  • PCP Lady and Springer Lady
  • PCP Junior and Springer Junior
  • PCP Veteran and Springer Veteran

Is there an international jury?

Yes. Candidates will be determined.