Current competitors


NB: 20 september 2019 update.
Thank you to those that have already made payment. If your payment is not shown, do not be alarmed, the connection between processing the payment and the website has yet to be established. Your details will be updated over the coming weeks.


Last updated: 4 February 2020.

NB: Name in red means person/shooter is UNCONFIRMED

Name Land Category Class Paid
Name Land Category Class Paid
1Franz Mö.AUSPCP TeamOpen
2Franz Sa.AUSPCP TeamOpen
3Gerhard Ei.AUSPCP TeamOpen
4Heribert Ka.AUSPCPOpen
5Johannes Ho.AUSPCP TeamOpen
6Markus We.AUSPCP TeamOpen
7Paul Eg.AUSPCP TeamOpen
8Ben Zh.BELPCPOpen
9Erik Bu.BELPCPVeteran
10Frank Me.BELPCPOpen
11Guido Ku.BELPCPVeteran
12Huan Ke.BELPCPOpen
13Jaimy St.BELPCPOpen
14Patrick van He.BELPCPOpen
15Sam Van Ro.BELPCPOpen
16Sidney Pa.BELPCPOpen
17Sven Van Ro.BELPCPOpen
18Thierry We.BELPCPOpen
19Yoeri Bu.BELPCPOpen
20Avram St.BGRPCP TeamOpen
21Bozhidar Ch.BGRPCPOpen
22Deyan Ma.BGRPCP TeamOpen
23Hayri Hu.BGRPCP TeamOpen
24Hristo Pe.BGRPCP TeamOpen
25Plamen Ge.BGRPCPOpen
26Vladislav Vu.BGRPCP TeamOpen
27George Ha.CANSpringerOpen
28Zack Ha.CANSpringerOpen
29Adam Be.DEUPCP TeamOpen
30Alexander Si.DEUPCP TeamOpen
31Andreas Ka.DEUPCPOpen
32Andreas Ma.DEUPCPOpen
33Andreas Ne.DEUPCPOpen
34Bianca Mü.DEUPCPLadies
35Daniel Br.DEUPCPOpen
36Frank He.DEUPCPOpen
37Frank Pa.DEUSpringer TeamOpen
38Frank Un.DEUPCPOpen
39Frederik En.DEUSpringerOpen
40Harald Jo.DEUPCP TeamOpen
41Horst Michael Ro.DEUPCPOpen
42Jan Ho.DEUSpringer TeamOpen
43Jan Pe.DEUPCPOpen
44Karl Ka.DEUPCP TeamOpen
45Kurt La.DEUSpringerVeteran
46Martin Mü.DEUPCPVeteran
47Martin Wi.DEUSpringerOpen
48Mike Wo.DEUPCPOpen
49Rafal Ro.DEUPCP TeamOpen
50Ralf Ha.DEUSpringerOpen
51Sabine Un.DEUPCPLadies
52Stefan Ba.DEUPCPOpen
53Stefan Ka.DEUPCP TeamOpen
54Sven Fl.DEUSpringerOpen
55Thomas Vo.DEUSpringer TeamOpen
56Thorsten Ro.DEUSpringer TeamOpen
57Wolfgang Sc.DEUSpringerOpen
58Abel Go.ESPPCP TeamOpen
59Alberto Ma.ESPSpringerOpen
60Alejandro To.ESPPCP TeamOpen
61Christian Ló.ESPPCPOpen
62Francisco Ma.ESPSpringer TeamOpen
63Ismael So.ESPPCP TeamOpen
64Jordi Pa.ESPPCPOpen
65Jose Ab.ESPPCPOpen
66Jose Pe.ESPSpringer TeamOpen
67Jose Re.ESPPCP TeamOpen
68Jose Un.ESPPCPOpen
69Juan C. Co.ESPPCPOpen
70Juanjo Ar.ESPPCPOpen
71Julen Ro.ESPSpringerOpen
72Luis F Ba.ESPSpringer TeamOpen
73Luis M. Gu.ESPPCPOpen
74Monica Go.ESPPCPOpen
75Rafael Vi.ESPPCP TeamOpen
76Roberto Ca.ESPSpringer TeamOpen
77Sergio Ar.ESPPCP TeamOpen
78Silvia Ca.ESPPCPOpen
79Soledad Ve.ESPPCPOpen
80Terezinhia Pe.ESPPCPOpen
81Alar To.ESTPCPOpen
82Allan Li.ESTSpringer TeamOpen
83Anne Gr.ESTPCPLadies
84Eva Maria Tõ.ESTSpringer TeamLadies
85Heli Ja.ESTSpringer TeamLadies
86Meelis Ku.ESTSpringer TeamOpen
87Tiit Tõ.ESTPCPOpen
88Bernard Ga.FRAPCPVeteran
89Christophe De.FRAPCP TeamOpen
90Ghislain Tr.FRAPCPOpen
91Jacky Re.FRAPCP TeamOpen
92Jean-Luc Be.FRAPCP TeamVeteran
93Jeremy Tr.FRAPCP TeamOpen
94Ludovique Le.FRAPCPOpen
95Pascal Al.FRAPCP TeamVeteran
96Slavomir Ro.FRAPCPOpen
97Vincent Mo.FRAPCP TeamOpen
98Andras Fe.GBRPCPOpen
99Anthony Jo.GBRPCPOpen
100Dan El.GBRPCPOpen
101Darron Hi.GBRPCPOpen
102Dave Cr.GBRPCPOpen
103David El.GBRPCPOpen
104Ian Ph.GBRPCPOpen
105Jerry Do.GBRSpringerOpen
106John Am.GBRSpringerOpen
107John Co.GBRPCPOpen
108Mark He.GBRPCPOpen
109Nathan Re.GBRPCPOpen
110Neil Th.GBRSpringerOpen
111Paul Ma.GBRPCPOpen
112Rob Fa.GBRPCPOpen
113Simon Ay.GBRPCPOpen
114Steve Pr.GBRSpringerOpen
115Alexios Ba.GRCPCP TeamOpen
116Maria Va.GRCPCP TeamOpen
117Nikolaos Ma.GRCSpringerOpen
118Spyridon Ke.GRCPCP TeamOpen
119Stylianos Bi.GRCPCP TeamOpen
120Csanád Ny.HUNPCPJunior
121Dr László Bé.HUNSpringer TeamOpen
122Ferenc Ka.HUNSpringer TeamOpen
123Ferenc Ko.HUNPCP TeamOpen
124Ferenc Sa.HUNPCP TeamOpen
125Ferenc Tó.HUNSpringer TeamOpen
126István Fe.HUNSpringer TeamOpen
127István Su.HUNPCP TeamOpen
128Károly Ko.HUNPCP TeamOpen
129Pál Bo.HUNPCP TeamOpen
130Sándor Ha.HUNPCP TeamOpen
131Sándor Sz.HUNPCP TeamOpen
132Szilágyi Kr.HUNPCPJunior
133Zoltán Bo.HUNPCP TeamOpen
134Alessandro Be.ITAPCPOpen
135Alessandro Di.ITAPCPVeteran
136Angelo Ri.ITAPCP TeamOpen
137Dario Gu.ITAPCPVeteran
138Elena Ra.ITAPCPLadies
139Emilio Sa.ITAPCPOpen
140Enzo Ce.ITAPCPOpen
141Gianni Fa.ITAPCP TeamOpen
142Giorgio Ce.ITAPCPVeteran
143Marcello Vo.ITASpringer TeamVeteran
144Marco Fe.ITAPCP TeamOpen
145Marco Sa.ITAPCP TeamOpen
146Mario Sa.ITAPCP TeamOpen
147Massimo Ca.ITASpringer TeamOpen
148Maurizio Fi.ITASpringer TeamOpen
149Mauro Ci.ITAPCPVeteran
150Mirko Vi.ITAPCPOpen
151Patrizia Pa.ITAPCPLadies
152Pietro Me.ITAPCPOpen
153Roberto Me.ITASpringer TeamOpen
154Stefania Qu.ITAPCPVeteran
155Vincenzo Ma.ITAPCP TeamOpen
156Aleksas Ja.LTUSpringerOpen
157Antanas Ge.LTUPCPOpen
158Audrius Ab.LTUSpringerOpen
159Linas Bu.LTUSpringerOpen
160Regina Bu.LTUSpringerLadies
161Sergejus Ti.LTUPCPOpen
162Genadijs Ce.LVAPCPOpen
163Renata Ce.LVASpringerLadies
164Magri Sm.MLTPCPOpen
165Paul Sp.MLTPCPOpen
166Adam La.NILPCPOpen
167Dave O\.NILPCPOpen
168Dermot Ro.NILPCPOpen
169Greg Fe.NILPCPVeteran
170Bernd Pa.NLDPCPOpen
171Bert Be.NLDPCPOpen
172Boudewijn Vi.NLDPCPOpen
173Dirk Fl.NLDPCPOpen
174Edwin Kl.NLDPCPOpen
175Gilles Ha.NLDSpringerOpen
176Jack van Se.NLDPCPOpen
177Jo Ha.NLDSpringerOpen
178John van Oo.NLDPCPOpen
179Joost Bo.NLDPCPOpen
180Mirjam St.NLDPCPLadies
181Rob St.NLDPCPOpen
182Ron van der Ho.NLDPCPOpen
183Thom van Do.NLDPCPOpen
184Andrew Idris Ka.NORSpringerVeteran
185Andrzej Dy.POLPCPOpen
186Danuta Wr.POLPCPOpen
187Dariusz Sz.POLPCPOpen
188Grzegorz Gr.POLPCP TeamOpen
189Katarzyna Fr.POLPCPOpen
190Leszek Do.POLPCP TeamOpen
191Maciek Fa.POLPCPOpen
192Marcel Ko.POLPCP TeamOpen
193Marcin Dr.POLPCPOpen
194Marcin Ma.POLPCP TeamOpen
195Pawel Sw.POLPCPOpen
196Radoslaw Ro.POLPCP TeamOpen
197Szymon Ta.POLPCP TeamOpen
198Ana Pe.PRTPCPLadies
199Bruno Si.PRTSpringerOpen
200Gonçalo Câ.PRTSpringerOpen
201Hicham Me.PRTPCPOpen
202Luis Ba.PRTPCPOpen
203Manuel Si.PRTSpringerVeteran
204Nuno Fr.PRTSpringerOpen
205Rogério Pu.PRTPCPVeteran
206Sérgio Ri.PRTPCPOpen
207Bondarenko Vi.RUSPCPOpen
208Kozlov Al.RUSPCPOpen
209Morozov Dm.RUSPCPOpen
210Pigrov Ev.RUSPCPOpen
211Zubenko Se.RUSPCPOpen
212Denis Sr.SVKPCPOpen
213Frantisek Hu.SVKPCPOpen
214Henrich Ra.SVKSpringerOpen
215Pavol Le.SVKSpringerOpen
216Peter Be.SVKPCPOpen
217Simona Hu.SVKPCPLadies
218Primož Mo.SVNPCPOpen
219Andreas Hö.SWEPCPOpen
220Ellen We.SWEPCPLadies
221Frederik We.SWEPCPOpen
222Leif Au.SWEPCPOpen
223Lucas We.SWEPCPJunior
224Stefan Py.SWEPCPOpen
225Erhan Ay.TURPCP TeamOpen
226Hazil Öz.TURPCP TeamOpen
227Mesut Tü.TURPCP TeamOpen
228Rehsan Ba.TURPCP TeamOpen
229Taylan Al.TURPCP TeamOpen
230Bass Ol.UKRSpringer TeamOpen
231Netesa An.UKRPCP TeamOpen
232Orlovskyi De.UKRPCP TeamOpen
233Poliaiev My.UKRPCP TeamOpen
234Volkov Se.UKRSpringer TeamVeteran
235Alan Ot.USAPCPOpen
236Keith Allan Kn.USAPCPVeteran
237Jack Ha.WALPCPOpen
238Peter Ja.WALPCPOpen
239Simon Po.WALPCPOpen
240Steve Ch.WALPCPOpen


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